Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trail Weather

The purpose of this website is simple: to provide AT and PCT hikers with a reliable and easy way to obtain weather for their location. Simply pick your trail, state and location from the lists below and the National Weather Service (NOAA) forecast for that location will appear.

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How to interpret weather forecasts Cold weather and wind chill How forecasts are made Temperature and elevation Why is no forecast available?

When the weather service has updated forecasts, the information is just stored as plain text in a bunch of files that get uploaded to the system for public consumption on the National Weather Service website, and the API (the interface that AT Weather uses).

Sometimes though, those files might have poorly formed data, or no data where there should be data. This could be a problem with the computer programs that produce the forecasts, or some other issue that is not obvious to the weather service. Regardless of the exact cause, such poorly formed data can't be properly displayed.

This problem is usually temporary, and corrects itself after a forecast cycle. It is also usually confined to single locations. Occasionally though, a wide geographical area can be impacted. The best thing is wait at least several hours to see if the issue has corrected itself.

While I do keep a log of user requests that end with an error, I do not regularly look at it. If there is a persistent problem with a specific location, feel free to let me know, and I will research it.